Start a Global Advertising Campaign by teaming up with other Startups and get your Ads Worldwide for free
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Free Advertising Worldwide

Would you like to post your Ads immediatly in the most important cities in the world? Have your Startup, Band or Art advertised in NewYork, LosAngeles, London, Berlin, Madrid, Sydney, Shangai, Tokyo, Rome, Dubai and many other places


Many developers like you are building apps and live in different part of the world, you will be able to translate and get your App/Advertisement translated/distributed around the world. Otherwise people will not understand what you say

Many apps are just focusing on one market. Get your App to the world thanks to the FREE translation of your website and your fliers distributed EVERYWHERE


Want to ask something to your potential customer? Do they like games or they want to purchase a travel App? In Japan ask it with:
just tell us what you want to ask, we will build a Mobile Survey that people will be able to do on the street by visiting the QR Code


Free Advertising Campaings

Organize with other people in your city and around the world an advertising campaign to distribute flyers, paper Ads and write reviews.. and many others

Website and Ad Translations

Translate Ads, Website and find people to help you.

Mobile Surveys through QR Codes

Receive information from potential customers through our mobile survey advertised with QR Codes distributed on the street.

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